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User Agreement
User Agreement
eZawaj is committed to providing you with a warm, friendly and professional service. We operate a very active web site with so many active members. Our members joined because they want to meet people for marriage. Most of our members are serious about their goals and ambitions in meeting their spouses. We believe it is our responsibility to provide our members with a pleasant environment to achieve this. For this reason we operate a reasonable use policy. We expect all members to be:

1. Courteous and pleasant in their communication with other members. Foul language is not acceptable. Members who use foul language or swearing or unpleasant communication will be block and their memberships may terminated without warning.

2. Respectful of members wishes for privacy. We advise our members not to disclose their identity, phone number or personal email address to other members unless they fell very comfortable and secure.

3. Internet marriage takes time. New members will often find new friends within a few days of joining. Most members will then communicate with each other for a few weeks or months before deciding on a face to face meeting. Trial members should be patient, the more time they spend online the more chance they have of meeting someone. There also thousands of new members joining each week. Trial members are offered a trial period to review the facilities we offer prior to purchasing a membership. Full members are given priority within our matchmaking services.

4. Our membership profiles are very detailed. This allows us to offer very powerful matchmaking services. To offer our members the best possible service it is important for members to answer most if not all of the questions in their member profile. We will deactivate member profiles that contain large numbers of unanswered information.

5. We are a commercial organization. Our aim is to provide you with a high quality, value for money service. To eZawaj and our members we do not permit members to advertise products or services on this site in any form whatsoever including, slogans, hyperlinks, web site addresses/urls, bulk email.... 

6. We offer a trial membership for those wishing to try the system before joining as a full member. For this reason all sales are final, no refunds. We also do not refund monies to those whose membership is terminated for failing to observe and uphold our Membership and/or Privacy policies.

7. All members agree to uphold and maintain our Privacy Policy.

Our Membership policy is there to protect our members and eZawaj. Please mail me if you have any questions about us or you would like to make suggestions about how we improve our services

eZawaj President

Please be advised:

There are many happy, successful internet marriages. However, does not guarantee the successfulness and safety of any union. implores members to take responsibility and be completely aware and check out potential mates. There are websites that may be able to assist you in background checks for certain countries. But we do not do any background checks of any kind of our members. makes no claim as to the veracity of information presented by members. members should get to know a potential marriage mate very well before agreeing to meet. Meetings should be based upon safety and common sense, such as meeting in a public place with family members present. will not participate in any mediation between members.

We do not screen our memberís health background. Make sure to consult your physician or public health authorities for safety advice.

Additionally, does not make its services available to minors. However, we do not verify ages. Thus, it is your responsibility to ensure the minimum age of marriage in the country you get married in.

If you know of any questionable behavior by any of our members, email our staff immediately at





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