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eZawaj®, is a leader in Arabs and Muslims Matrimonial Service World Wide.  eZawaj® is Founded in January 2001 and has set itself the goal of becoming the dominant Internet matrimonial site for Arab and Muslim singles, professional, adults of all ages, all over the world, within a few months. The company represents the 21st Century's approach to finding a potential spouse. 's site possesses 'best in class' matchmaking technology and uses entertaining features and one-on-one messaging to attain a very high level of 'stickiness'.

The rise in popularity in online marriage is hardly surprising. It's a consequence of our changing lifestyles today. Single people increasingly want to expand their choice in marriage , since many work long hours in demanding careers that can take them all over the world.

We believe the dot-com business model of online marriage services is one of the best business ideas of  21st Century. Certainly Venture capitalists and corporations on the prowl for hot acquisitions are banking on it by putting their money where people's hearts are.

We are seeking investors to build more content and more services as eZawaj® continues to expand and dominate the Internet matrimonial service for Arabs and Muslims World Wide.

For more information about investing opportunities in eZawaj®, e-mail us a request. 


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