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Western Union's Quick Pay will have your payment to eZawaj within minutes.

Hand the Western Union agent your completed blue form (to be picked up at any Western Union office), your payment, plus a transaction fee. Your Western Union agent will send your payment electronically and provide you with an immediate receipt. Within minutes, your payment will be received by eZawaj. And that's all there is to it.  Please allow 48 hours for us to process your payment.
  • The amount of Transfer fee is approximately $15 payable to your local Western Union agent.

Step by Step Instructions

Simply visit your local Western Union location and tell them you wish to make a Quick Pay transaction.

Complete the blue form (example below), which asks for your name and address as well as the name  of eZawaj.

IMPORTANT: For Pay To: Type ""
                          And you must type your account number with eZawaj.


How to complete the form.

Item 1 Amount

  • Write the amount you are sending using words.
  • Write the amount you are sending using numbers.

Item 2 Pay-To Information

  • Write as the name of the Company to which a payment is being sent.

Item 3 Sender Information

  • Write your name,  the street on the first address line. On the second line, write the city, province (county or state), country and postal code. Enter your telephone number, including city codes.
  • Write your Account Number with us, which can be found on the top right portion of your confirmation page.
  • Write your username in the Reference Number.

Item 4

  • Write your membership level for which you are paying.
  • Sign the form
  • Present the form to the Western Union Agent with your payment and the transaction fee. The agent inputs the transaction and gives you a numbered, dated receipt as proof of payment. That's all there is to it!








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